I'm still here (Life, Lately: The Rest Of My 2016)

10:05 AM

yo, ya baby Jamie is still here. Yes, I'm still here. It's been a year since I last posted a Life, Lately series on my blog. So let me catch up with you, my friend. Let me start from when I stopped posting. Summer of 2016.

Summer 2016 was... meh. It was ok. I hate summer in Japan...or just summer in general. Summer 2016, was somehow a start of new era for me. Huge life-changing decisions. It started a bit rocky. Felt like a teenybopper going thru her teenage life. Awkwardly. Meeting new people and searching new ways on how to have a little bit more fun in life. Understanding more what fun really means for me.

And oh, I quit my language school by the end of summer. These photos are from my last school trip with my classmates in Chiba. I chose to bid my goodbyes to learning Japanese in school (and paying pricey tuition fee) to work in a tour company.

So yea! I worked on this tour company for a bit. It was a pretty good office job that gave me more opportunities to explore some secrets of Japan and what it has to offer. It was cool.

It was so cool, I got eaten alive by the fast-paced life of Tokyo, that I sometimes had to remind myself to slow down... So I try to find ways to still keep myself sane.

 Visiting art galleries. It's still my thing.

 Discovering chill cafes and artsy streets. It's still my thing.

Chill cafes... and oh, also chill bars now. It has become my thing.

Exploring the streets of Shibuya and Harajuku. Still not done with it. It's still my thing.

Pizza and Harajuku nights with my lovely friends. Will always be my thing.

 Crossed the streets of Shinjuku, took this photo, while holding someone's hand. That happened.
 Walking alone in the city. That happened too. But realized it was nicer tho.

Then came Autumn 2016. Met more friends to explore Tokyo with. That was fun.

Had random cute dates in parks and beer gardens. That was cute. 

And more pizza hangouts at our favorite Pizza Slice Shibuya. That was cool.

And oh, hello. I was a cat for halloween. Who would've guessed? 

And then Winter 2016. My second winter in Japan. The first one was shitty. Nobody told me winter holidays in Japan is sad. 

So my friends and I planned a trip to Fuji Five Lakes to have a relaxing weekend with hot springs and view of Mt. Fuji. That was... satisfying.

So yea, I guess that was my 2016! 

Spent 2 hours making this entry. I missed this feeling. 
Thanks to my friends who kept bugging me to update my blog. Love you, guys. 
I'll be back to update you with my 2017!

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