Spotlight on Jamie by Jamie Lou Borile is a life, style, photography, and travel blog that documents Jamie's adventures under the spotlight.

Spotlight on Jamie started on 2012, though Jamie had been blogging on her Tumblr blog since 2010. The blog name was decided when Jamie realized her love for performing. Her first love really is music, and she really enjoys her time on stage, looking at the crowd, but all she can see is the spotlight pointing at her. As egoistic as it sounds, her goal by creating this blog is really to spread a little inspiration to her readers' daily lives - through her stories, adventures or whatever it may be.

Jamie is the girl behind the spotlight. Though not that obvious, she's already 22 and had already graduated college. She spent her childhood in a small town in Bicol called Daet, Camarines Norte. She graduated with honors at the Ateneo de Naga University, where she took up Bachelor of Business Administration Major in Marketing Management.

She's also a proud member of Bicol Bloggers, who uses their online presence and digital influence for the promotion of our region, homegrown brands, events and its people. Bicol Bloggers amplify the voice of the region and bring the world closer to Bicol.

Currently, she's chasing her dreams in the land of the rising sun, Japan. And she now hopes to bring you the awesomeness of Japan through her stories and adventures using this blog.

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